domingo, 19 de julio de 2009


Estubo bien buena la peli se las recomiendo eh la vi este viernes, pero se me dio hasta hoy hablar de ella ya saben el trabajo y la universidad. Igual como lez dije tiene un final bien triste pero como soy cerebro creo que de ese final hay algo raro pero ya veremos que pasa en la proxima peli o si son como yo en el proximo libro ja ja ja ja ja .sip ya voy por el numero 6 ja ja ja no mas me falta uno mas wii!

The moon and the written dream

Falling out of reality and into a dream world, she found herself walking on a path of clouds

towards a castle of fantasies. At the door Mr. Sandman greeted her “welcome once more written

dream” she entered the castle and her eyes were enchanted by the beauty that surrounded her.

In the center of the castle stood a fountain overflowing with red wine (yep! he he he she was a

drunk) she walked towards the staircase then she stumble onto green grass and near stood a

tree ripped with “pink apples?” Further on, she passed by a painting of the sea it had seemed

so realistic, in fact she smelled the sea salt and felt the cold mist of the sea. Suddenly her

attention was called upon by a bright star “well Hello written dream are majesty awaits you”

she followed the star through a golden door were gravity seemed to be leaving. The she realized

she was floating through a sky filled with stars that greeted and whispered such things as “oh!

She’s a beautiful dreamer” as she passed by. Soon she arrived upon a luminous throne and

before was no other than the moon herself, she bowed before and said “Did your majesty you

wished to see me?” A sweet voice (as sweet as a mermaids serenade) responded “my dear

written dream I am glad you finally came” to which the dreamer responded “sorry I am afraid

things haven’t been the same lately.” With this the moon turned around and shined upon her

“Oh my poor written dream come here! Sit with me” she walked towards the moon feeling

ashamed and she got close, the moon picked her up and hugged her. She felt the warmth and

security of her embrace it was as soothing as mothers embrace, then mother moon began

speaking to her once more “written dream one misses your tender dreams and sweet fantasies.”

Sobbing she responded “I know mother moon but I have nothing to dream for, my dreams have

died” she broke down crying but mother moon shined upon her once more. “Now you hush

sweet dreamer that’s not true you have plenty of dreams to accomplish. It’s not fair that you

give up your entire dreams just because one didn’t come true.”She wiped her tears as she spoke

“but mother moon he was the only purpose of my dreams and the only reason why I longed to

dream.” The moon laughed “ha ha ha oh! Don’t be foolish that is not true you were a dreamer

way before he became part of your dreams” then she hugged her once more as she said “my

sweet written dream you were born a dreamer and once a dreamer always a dreamer.” Written

dream giggle and looked at the moon “he he he I suppose your right there‘s no use wanting him

to stay the owner of my dreams, when he no longer wishes to be in them.” Then the moon

brightly shined upon her for the last time and smiling said “now then off you go! You have plenty

to dream and plenty to write” as she let her float down again. Then soon she was back in her

bed fast asleep ready to begin dreaming once more.