lunes, 20 de abril de 2009

domingo, 19 de abril de 2009

Falling out of love

Sweaty palms, beating hearts…yeah! Falling in love is the easy part.

Kisses here and there, making out everywhere feeding that love with despair.

Fornicating, proclaiming this so called love and complicating this future breakup.

Months, years or days go by and then your hear “we need to talk.”

Promises are spurned, love is rejected and this broken heart didn’t expect it.

So you’re in love and heartbroken but it’s time to do your part and begin falling out of love.

For your yet to be forsaken by cupid and his bad aiming.

miércoles, 15 de abril de 2009

Moonspell - I'll See You In My Dreams



There’s time to laugh and time to play.

There’s time for everything as the years go by.

We don’t own time, time owns us and time doesn’t fail us we fail time.

We are the pieces of time’s chess game; it decides when we come and when we go.

No one can control time because time controls everything.

Hours, seconds, minutes, days and years all are faithful servants of time.

Many complain of having too little time, others complain of having too much time.

But time is indifferent to our petty naggings, for it just continues to be, to run and to go on.

“When will time stop?” when your internal clock stops ticking and the dark reaper comes singing.

"Times up you’re out of luck
For you and I will soon become that of the past."

Dream weaver

Night falls and I sit upon my loom in the ever so soothing light of the moon.

Come on! my precious dreamers give unto me your dreams.

Close your eyes and prepare for I am about to weave your dreams and we shall see no more of reality.

Just let my words be the i-kat of your dreams, as your dreams interlace with my dreams.

And so your fantasies will become my ecstasy, giving me the energy to continue with tranquility.
At last Creating a weft full of erotize and pleasurable insanity.

Then as the stars become your bed and the clouds your pillow, our dreams will be your blanket.

For I am the dream weaver waiting with hunger for your slumber.

martes, 14 de abril de 2009

It's a mans world - James Brown 1991

El encuentro perfecto

Dos sombras que se entregan al amor.

Amándose con ardores, amordazados entre encuentros asombrosos.

Saciándose su hambre como diablo y ángel a la luz de la luna y del sol.

Se entregaran a la idolatría de sus cuerpos, almas y mentes.

Dejándose llevar por el rigor de su corazón, se despojaran de todos sus deseos entre ellos.

Gemidos vendrán y respiraciones agitadas quedaran, pero todas su fantasías desvanecerán.

Dejando en cada rincón huellas de amor, pues no solo las paredes serán testigos de su ardor.

Y entre sus sueños en donde habita este encuentro de sexo, pasión y amor.

Unos ojos se abrirán y descubrirán que en el amor hay posibilidades inexploradas, que van más a ya que las del las del deseo o la razón.

Y así consumidos viendo mas a ya del sexo y el simple placer uno solo han de ser.