domingo, 20 de abril de 2008

Hazme el favor

Haz me el favor llena te de mi,
deja que tu manos sean mi porvenir.
Que en tus ojos se refleje mi desnudez al estar yo frente ti.
Haz me el favor toca me, siente me y acaricia me sin fin.
Que tus labios sean mi muerte y tu cuerpo mi vivir.
Haz me el favor acerca te a mi y deja que mis manos exploren mas de ti.
Que el sudor de tu cuerpo sea el ecstasy perfecto.
Que la noche nos impulse a una encuentro sin defecto.
Haz me el favor y permite me ser la musa de tus sueños.
Que mi cuerpo sea la causa de tus pensamientos húmedos.
Haz me el favor de hacerme la proposiciones mas indecorosas
Rompe esas reglas amorosas y deja que tu cuerpo y el mio hagan mil cosas.
Haz me el favor de jame sentirte mio y que nuestros gritos rujan como el rió.
Haz me el favor de quedarte en mi, aunque sea en mi Corazón sin que tenga tu calor.
Por favor haz me el favor…
Dedicado a mi amor que es mi fuente de inspiración al escribir
Gracias por dejarme quererte atravez de mi imaginacion.

viernes, 18 de abril de 2008

Back of divine temptation

Midnight approaches and there he lays on the bed while the moonlight from the slightly creek window exposes his naked yet succulent body. The young women is aroused to see such a strong firm body in front of her eyes ,as she grows the courage to approach the foot of the bed she gasps to find him sleeping peacefully. She retrieves slowly as not to awaken him from his slumber but something catches her attention yes! She is captivated by the divine temptation of his back for she has never seen such a marvelous spine. As he inhaled and exhaled the bones of his back contracted showing her his manliness, this made it very difficult for her to leave him there. So she reached into her bag looking for that body oil that she somehow planned to use for this special occasion as she pop opened the bottle some of the oil manage to fall on her hand quickly she could feel that tingling sensation such oil produced on contact. She made her way to him and slowly crawled onto to the bed and onto his back, this startled him yet he only laughed with pleasure “ha ha ha hmm”. He began to relax more for what he was about to be given and she gently pour the oil over his hot, humid back, this brought chills up his spine along with a tingling sensation. Her hands were caressing, massaging every single part of his back and neck, while he made sounds of satisfaction he stated “mmmm… honey your hands are like hands of a God.”The glistening and strong look of his back possessed her to aggressively bite him on the back and kiss that incredible star like tattoo. Her bites were not hard but just enough to produce a sweet sensation of pleasure on him. He then turned around and grabbed her by the neck kissing every inch of it; suddenly he kissed her lips gently tasting the sweet nectar they seeped. But he wasn’t done he continued kissing her, letting his tongue explore every inch of her mouth as if he was yearning for her. Ripping her shirt exposed rich, delicious breast, which he began to lick and suck like a child who had never been nursed. She on the other side was working on grabbing and massaging with her hands his ever so firm sex , which made him even more aroused that he’s hands clenched onto her breast squeezing them enough to make her moan “ohhhh.” Her body hit the bed like a light feather while he laid over her and just then he got close enough for her to whisper in his ear those words “I want to be yours, I need you!, I want you!” As he looked into her mesmerizing eyes, he began to admire how lucky he was having a beautiful, passionate and loving woman in his life. So replied with the only honest thing he felt in his heart to say “I LOVE YOU!! And you’re the only woman who owns my heart.” Hearing this made her heart raise even more, so she began to kiss him again while he gently made his way into her penetrating her mind and soul. Every thrust made her moan with pleasure and their eyes; their souls connect into one self, one person. The ecstasy of their passion soon came to an end and united as one both lovers came to the exit gates of paradise. Where they surrendered exhausted from their long trip through the clouds of pleasure called LOVE. Tis’ maybe the ending of these lover’s encounter but soon many other pleasures or other parts of their bodies are waiting to be explored.